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Why Regenerative Farming is the Future

TerraPurezza is the first model for economically viable regenerative agriculture. We prove that it’s possible to build nutritionally-dense and scalable food systems that exist in balance with native ecologies.


With all that we ask of our natural resources, it is the greatest challenge of our society to meet increasing human needs while living in harmony with the environment. By combining traditional regenerative agriculture techniques with modern technology systems, we regenerate soils to build a more vibrant foundation for the growth of native plants and nutritionally-dense food. We empower others to do the same.

We have proven in the tough Texas terrain that these practices are not only feasible, but also scalable to any level.

Our practices include rotational grazing of high-density livestock, effective water management via land augmentation, restoration of native grasses, and the highest quality of animal welfare. With two campuses, our working farm is a real-world example for how different regenerative agriculture techniques can succeed at local and global scales. 

We have conducted in-field research to ensure our results are data-driven and replicable. We also offer educational experiences in nutrition, ecology, and public policy through collaborations with universities and other organizations. 

Located in the Texas Hill Country, TerraPurezza was founded by Tina and Orion Weldon in 2015 in Spicewood, TX and has rejuvenated over 100 acres of native Texas prairie, with another 200 acres in progress. With backgrounds in nutrition, agriculture, technology, and conservation ecology, the TerraPurezza team applies a multidisciplinary approach to establishing a more resilient food system.

TerraPurezza. A better way to better food.


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