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Special Order Rules

This includes all custom cuts, creme brulees between November - April, and custom large or advanced orders.


- For all custom cuts, there is at least a 3 week lead time between request (with deposit) and delivery. This takes into account our butchering schedule and product quantities.

- We may have your desired custom cut available sooner, in which case we will contact you to arrange a sooner pickup time if you would like.

- The deposit is not refundable, however the pickup date/time can easily be rescheduled for everything except creme brulees.

- The deposit for the creme brulees is the full cost of the creme brulees, and also not refundable. The creme brulees must be picked up at the scheduled time. Due to the fresh nature of the product, if you miss your pickup time and still want the order, you will have a 24 hour window after your original pickup time in which to figure out picking up your order. NO REFUNDS on creme brulee special orders. 

- The lead time on large orders will depend on desired quantities and butchering dates.

- You will be invoiced for the full amount of the order minus your deposit once we have the order available. Payment must be made before pickup.

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