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The Farm

We're More of a Ranch Really

When properly managed, animals are the most effective tool for rebuilding damaged soil biology. The Texas Hill Country and much of the US requires this land regeneration before it can support crop production. We raise pigs, chickens, and sheep currently, with the goal of adding cattle, bison, quail, and other animals over the next few years. All of our animals are pasture raised and rotationally grazed. We use heritage breeds adapted for the Texas Hill Country. The majority of our animals are revitalizing Luck Ranch, while the Broilers keep our Homestead land healthy.


The Pigs

We have a mixed sounder of Large Black, Red Wattle, and Gloucestershire Old Spot crosses. These heritage breeds are more tolerant of the Central Texas climate than industrial meat pigs. They are slower to mature, but produce outstanding meat.

The heritage breeds we use are also more docile than industrial meat pigs. This is especially important as we are working up close with our animals during feeding and rotations. With that comes better farrowing instincts, which make our breeding program more productive.

The Broilers

We raise Freedom Rangers. These chickens are a sturdier heritage breed than the standard Cornish Cross used in industrial chicken production. That means they are slower to mature, but have fewer health issues and are more active, which produces meat with a more developed flavor and texture.

The broilers are pasture raised and supplemented with organic non-GMO feed from a local mill.


We are the first certified outdoor poultry and small animal processing facility in Texas, and process all of our own chickens. We look forward to expanding our chicken production in 2022, stay tuned for updates!


The Layers

We have a mixed flock of approximately 30 different heritage breeds comprising approximately 200 hens. Our birds produce an assortment of egg colors, making each dozen a beautiful rainbow.

Our hens' diets of native bugs and grasses, supplemented with an organic non-GMO feed from a local mill, produce nutrient rich eggs with deep orange yolks.

We do not wash our eggs with detergents or chemicals. We only lightly cleanse them with water before packaging. This preserves the natural coating on the eggs that protects from bacteria. This means our eggs are shelf stable for 2 weeks, and last even longer in the fridge.

The Sheep

We have been using Dorper sheep for pasture restoration purposes for a couple of years. The advantage of using Dorpers in Central Texas is their ability to naturally shed their wool in the spring, keeping them cool without having to be sheared.


This past fall we bred our flock and are excited to say we intend to bring lamb to market Spring of 2023.

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