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Pastured Raw Milk from Kettler Family Dairy 

TerraPurezza is proud to offer pasture-raised raw milk from Kettler Family Dairy, a fifth-generation family farm in Brenham, TX. We serve as a pick up distribution point for their raw milk at three locations:

Marble Falls Farmer's Market (Tuesdays)
Dripping Springs Farmer's Market (Wednesdays)
Pedernales Farmer's Market (


This delicious grade A whole milk is bottled straight from the cow and is loaded with all the essential nutrients, fats, and enzymes naturally found in milk. Their herd of Holstein cows are raised on pasture and supplemented with a small ration of sorghum as-needed. Cows never receive corn or soy! Sorghum only. They also don't receive any hormones or antibiotics. Read more here

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